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Ethiopian Goodness

I actually cooked this dinner last week but wanted to give the blog a breather since I was posting like crazy. 

Whole wheat injera
Ye'Abesha Gomen [collard greens]
Yekik Alich'a [split peas]

I got this book for Christmas and it is such a fantastic resource for anyone who loves Ethiopian food.  All of the recipes on my plate are in there.  Traditional injera is made from teff flour but I had to get rid of mine because of a moth infestation back before we moved.  These are made from whole wheat pastry flour and a little bit of white flour with a pinch of baking soda and salt.  The book has many different versions of injera and most of them required much more planning ahead [which I didn't do other than soaking the split peas!].  The wheat ones were pretty much mix and cook.  The recipes call for much more flour than I needed [1.5 lbs] for three people so I just used between 2-3 cups of flour and added water.  The trick is to make sure they batter is really thin!  Pour from the outside going inward and let it cook through.  Don't flip it!  My husband and I recently went to an awesome place in New Brunswick that was recommended to us by some friends and we both loved it!  I got a carry out menu so I could remember the names of the dishes I had so I could look them up in my book later.   This is two of the four veggie dishes that I had.

This was my first time cooking Ethiopian so I am still very much a n00b.  If you would like some info from a more seasoned cook, I recommend kittee's website.
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