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A Classic Never Dies

My inlaws hooked me up with this compilation a while back called Mob Hits.  It's music from all of the major mobster movies and it is so fun and cool to have in the iPod to toss into various mixes.  The songs bring back a lot of memories for my husband because his Poppy Vince used to sing a lot of them.  They tickle me absolutely pink when we play them.  

I decided to que them up the other night to play in the background while we dined on this....

A classic Italian sterotype!!  

Whole wheat pasta topped with my special tomato sauce that I have managed to perfect over the past few years.  I remember the first time I ever made this sauce for Chris and I was so nervous!  He comes from an Italian family and his momma's cooking is tough to beat!  I still can't do it!  :-)  She makes these stuffed mushrooms that are to die for. 

The 'meatballs' are the Trader Joe's meatless kind.  There is a rumor that they are made by the exact same company that makes Nate's.  The bread is also a TJ's special bake at home type deal.  I buy them and keep it in the freezer until needed or else they get moldy rather quickly.  They go perfectly from freezer to oven so have no fear.  

The salad is from Costco.  You can get a HUGE bin of organic spring mix for seven dollars.  It's glazed over with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and oil.  

I was tempted to nuzzle over one of the meatballs with my nose but I resisted the urge.  ;-)
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