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Father's Day Brunch

Well, I know it isn't Father's Day anymore but I wanted to post the awesome breakfast I made for my fiance! It definately took a lot of time and effort but the results were very much worth it!

Crepes with Cashew Creame and Blueberry Pomegranite Topping with Tofu Scramble

Crepes were intimidating to me for a while but I have this 8" pan that I got from my grandmother that is the perfect size. I have had problems using it in the past so I rarely try to do anything with it now. I almost gave it away and now I am glad I didn't since I found the perfect use! If you brush the pan with a little oil between each crepe, they don't stick. Despite the fact that the suckers are really thin [or at least they are supposed to be!], they are actually pretty tough and I didn't rip any of them! The recipes for the cream and the crepes are all from Nonna's Italian Kitchen. Layer them between sheets of wax paper to keep them from sticking together.

The tofu scramble recipe is mine and I will share it with you. Take a brick of firm tofu [don't use silken because the taste really isn't as good!]. Drain it the best you can and then smash it up. Get a frying pan going on the stove with some Earth Balance. When it gets good and hot, throw the tofu in and stir it around really good. Sprinkle with: a dash of turmeric [for color], 1 tablespoon of black salt [this is KEY. This is what really makes it taste like eggs!] and a good sprinkling garlic powder. Cook it until all of the liquid is gone and the tofu starts to brown a bit. Top it off with fresh ground black pepper and serve HOT!

Tags: breakfast, brunch, comfort food
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