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Tastes like chicken!

I was talking to my Oma yesterday on the phone while I was cooking dinner.  She asked me what I was making and I basically tried to explain the concept of seitan to her [she's catholic so I had to choose my wording carefully!].  She laughed and laughed at me.  I could hear her talking to my Opa and my cousin saying "Avery is cooking up this wheat stuff and trying to make it taste like chicken!"  *sigh* 

Well, as promised, I did some chicken flavored seitan last night!  I was going to make chicken and dumplings but damn if I didn't have a craving for wings so I decided to do that instead.  I have done tofu wings in the past but I really wanted to see if it would be better with the seitan.  WOW!  I was really excited during dinner and I am amazed I didn't give myself a stroke loading up on hot sauce!  Gotta love Franks!  I used the same recipe for ranch dressing as in the tofu wings post.  The best part about these wings is that they are boiled and baked instead of fried!  I had seen a post on Vegan Lunchcast about seitan wings and he recommended baking them for about 30 to 40 minutes to make them chewier and to give them a slightly crisp outside.  I did that and it really did make a big difference!  He also has much more in depth seitan tutorial if you check out his blog.  He uses a standing mixer though. 

We bought three boxes of the wheat gluten so I cracked one open.  I decided to get a little creative with it this time and I added a little garlic powder, sea salt and nutritional yeast.  I also threw in a pinch of Italian seasoning.  When I added the two cups of water, I also put in some lemon juice [one lemon's worth].  For the broth, I used this recipe.
I have it in a jar premade.  It works pretty well.  I am going to try the Rapunzel boullion cubes next time and see which is better.  Instead of cooking two big chunks of gluten, I pinched off little pieces and boiled them.  They floated up to the top after about an hour and I took them out.  Again, I put them in the fridge to cool off for a bit before I baked them.  Here are some pictures...

This is a picture of the seitan after baking at 350 degrees for 40 minutes [make sure to SPRAY THE PAN!  Trust me on this one!]

After they were baked and scraped off of the cookie sheet, I dipped them in a mixture of Frank's Hot Sauce [2/3 cup] and melted Earth Balance [1/8 cup]


I also tried a little something different!  I had some jalapeno peppers that were about to go bad.  I had every intention of making stuffed poppers out of them so I decided to give it a go. 

I stuffed them with some unCheeze  and coated them with batter.  I really wanted to bake them and I definately plan on coming up with a recipe for that but I didn't have time to last night so I threw them into some hot canola oil.  The batter was a simple mix of Ener-G egg replacer, 'buttermilk' and about a cup of flour. 

Not bad for the first attempt at Jalapeno Poppers.  It needs a lot of work.  The peppers were still really crisp on the inside.  I also would like to come up with a better dipping sauce than ranch.  I would prefer a breadcrumbly crust to batter.  Lots of mental notes here.  Next time they will probably be completely different but they were still pretty good! 

Are we rockin' the appetizers or what? 
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